Brilliance In Fear

Brilliance In Fear

Faith and fear can live in the same home, but they can’t share a room.

The other day we were working on some things for Circle Fifty, and it was requiring a fairly radical shift in the way we were going to do some things. In my gut I knew it was the right move, but I’ll never forget the words I said out loud, “This is either the best move, or the worst move.”

But as I thought about it, the greatest rewards I’ve seen in my personal life – attempting my first triathlon, leaving comfort and starting a business, even marriage (which is the best decision ever) – could almost all be prefaced with that thought. It’s not the absence of fear that determines the success of our endeavors, but rather what we do with that fear that will determine our success.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”– Muhammad Ali

 Don’t just chase after the ideas that leave you feeling good. Chase after the things you know are a bit scary.

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