Brilliant Brands™ are compulsive, not complacent.

Brilliant Brands™ are compulsive, not complacent.

You’ve got a big vision, you’re passionate, and you’re charging ahead as an organization; so, you’re not complacent, right? That’s could be wrong.

It’s possible that, in the middle of success, you’re still settling. That’s right. Success doesn’t mean the absence of complacency: quite the opposite. Nothing starts out broken. Something can start out disassembled; however, for something to be broken, that would mean that it had to have once been working. The same is true for your brand.

It’s easy to ride the momentum of success for our brands, whether in product success, numerical growth, or staff comradery. Regardless of the success, it’s that temporary high that can lead to settling and no longer striving. Even worse, it’s that momentary success that can blind us from seeing other areas of our brand that are suffering. We begin to define ourselves by one or two things that are working well, instead of seeing the whole picture for our brand.

So, kudos to you for wherever you’re doing well in your brand, but don’t get complacent in success – stay compulsive. Even the successful are only one step away from being broken.

In an interview, Warren Buffet said, “The biggest thing that kills businesses is complacency. You want a restlessness, a feeling that somebody is always after you, but you’re going to stay ahead of them. You always want to be on the move.”

This week, look at where you’re succeeding, which could be where you are starting to settle. Always be on the move.

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