Brilliant Brands™ Tip 2 – Don’t Steal Success

Brilliant Brands™ Tip 2 – Don’t Steal Success

It’s easy to see the success of another brand and wish that success could be yours too. We see an amazing ad, a TV spot or campaign, and we think all we have to do is put our logo on it and boom – success! But someone else’s success isn’t meant to fit you. Someone else’s brilliance should be used to inspire your creation rather than be used to create an exact replica. Cutting corners by not taking time to add your fingerprint to what you create is choosing stupid.

To make it practical, our team puts together mood boards inspired by a variety of sources before we move forward on a design. We gather textures, colors, fonts and tones from different pieces to jump start us before diving into the project.

I think the smartest thing to admit is what we think is original was probably inspired by something we saw or experienced along the way. Maybe this says it better:

“Sometimes I think everything I draw is just a combination of all of the millions and millions of drawings I’ve seen.”  Dash Shaw

Brilliance is found in humility and in taking the extra step. Be humble enough to know you’re probably not the first person to think something, and work hard enough to put your fingerprint on the things that have inspired you.

Brilliant Brands™ don’t compare, and if they copy they still create.

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