Is your church making the right first impression?

Second First Impressions is a must read before you consider a rebrand, or put any more effort into marketing your church.

Launch new momentum for your church with a rebrand or marketing campaign

This resource will help you figure out the best way to reconnect with your audience, generate new growth, and build lasting relationships through strategic rebranding and laser-focused marketing campaigns. This is your chance to make a second first impression. Don’t invest a dollar into your website, logo, or online marketing until you read this.

Start asking the right questions, gain new momentum for your church, and make this the year for a second first impression.

What’s inside?

The 40+ pages of content will help you answer these questions:

  • Do your logo and website make the right impressions?
  • What impression are you making with the things you communicate?
  • How do you get your staff, congregation, and community more engaged?
  • Should you rebrand, or should you just launch a marketing campaign?
  • How do you connect people to your purpose, not just your events and weekend message?


Second First Impressions Book

A 4-part ebook to launch new momentum for your church through a rebrand or marketing campaign.

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Part 1:
Evolve Or Settle
Part 2:
Your Starting Points
Part 3:
The Right Approach
Part 4:
Timing is Everything

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