Case Study

Avenu Fitness
& Lifestyle

What we did

Brilliant Brands Session
Brand Messaging
Brand Slogan
Brand Strategy
Custom Website
Social Media Managment
Launch Strategy
Logo & Identity System

The Situation
West U Fitness was nine years old when we met Brent and Cassie. They had become the premier boutique gym in the West U neighborhood in Houston, TX and were ready for some new momentum. The owners felt like they had never been able to clearly articulate what differentiates them in the now competitive fitness market. They were also wondering whether their existing name would allow them to expand past location. However, they had tried to rename before with another firm and it left them tainted.

The Solution
Through the Brilliant Brands™ System, we came up with a new name they loved, Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle. We also created a voice that finally articulated the true brand promises they’d always delivered. This full rebrand didn’t end at the launch, though; we’ve been managing their brand and building awareness in the market for them since.


The new name & logo

Avenu communicates the brand purpose to be a place that leads people down the right path for food and fitness. For this brand, we decided to give them a dynamic logo option with the primary logo as a wordmark, and the secondary; a stacked icon version. The dynamic direction allows the brand to have versatility, while maintaining consistency.


Building the brand online

We didn’t stop with just launching the new custom website. We launched a new Instagram account, as well as created a new social media strategy to build awareness. Not only does their social media look great but it’s also getting above industry standard engagement.

Marketing the brand

The Avenu brand is all about adding value to the quality of life. We wanted their marketing to match that. So instead of an informative marketing effort (that they were using), our new approach is all about adding value. We produce free resources and video tips that we share through email and social media.

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After just a few weeks after launching Avenu Fitness, I can honestly say that it’s been the best decision we’ve made since signing our initial lease over 10 years ago. Our team, our community and more importantly, myself, are all loving the new look, feel, and name.

Brent Gallagher
Owner/Founder | Avenu Fitness & Lifestyle