Case Study

Champions Centre

What we did

Brilliant Brands Session
Brand Messaging
Brand Slogan
Brand Strategy
Magazine Design/layout
Visual Identity System
Brand Standard
Video Script & Creative Direction

The Situation
What do you do after 30 years as an organization? For Kevin and Sheila Gerald, their answer was: let’s rethink what we are doing to position ourselves for the next 30 years. When Champions Centre reached out to us, it was to rethink an outdated logo but the timing was right to also look at the way they communicate their brand message. What we found was a strong internal culture and voice that just needed to communicate more clearly who they are and why that matters to their church and city.

The Solution
We walked them through our brand messaging and strategy session (Brilliant Brands™ System), and turned their list of values and mission statement into a new brand slogan, “Move Life Forward”. Once the voice was nailed down, it was time to get creative. Take a look.


The Visual Identity
The new logo captures a constant movement and progress in all areas of life. We wanted vibrancy in the color palette but it also had to feel strong as one color.


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Brand Video

To launch the new brand, we came alongside the team at Champions Centre and scripted, story boarded, and produced a brand video to launch the new identity and voicing. Kudos to their team for a stellar job shooting and editing this piece.

This process made us ask and answer some tough questions about who we are and what we want to do vs. what our reality is and our promises. The process for pastors and churches is essential to go through. Justin and his team really do care about the local church. They care about getting it right for you and your church.

Kevin Gerald
Founding Pastor | Champions Centre