Case Study

Intrua Financial

What we did

Brilliant Brands Session
Brand Messaging
Brand Slogan
Brand Strategy
Custom Website
Launch Video
Logo & Identity System

The Situation
Houston Wealth Strategies was preparing to merge with another independent financial firm. The firm knew that aligning cultures would be crucial for the upcoming merger. They also wanted a new name that would position them for future acquisitions in markets outside of Houston.

The Solution
Through the Brilliant Brands™ System, we found consistencies in the two companies to build on as a foundation for the new brand. We created a strategy and a brand voice that set us on the right course for a new name, Intrua Financial, that would unite the two brands. In just one year, the new name positioned Intrua to acquire three more firms and expand into three new markets outside of Houston.


The new name & logo
We created the name Intrua, which signifies “truth in it all. The slogan for the brand, in the moments™, captured the heartbeat of the brand as well as the promises the brand was built on. The Intrua burst icon, with a circular design, captures the brand’s extensive involvement and solutions no matter what direction life goes.


Custom Alphabet

Intrua Financial brings a refreshing approach and personality to an otherwise stale and predictable industry. We thought a custom alphabet would be a fun way to capture the brand’s uniqueness.