Case Study

Skybreak Church

What we did

Brilliant Brands Session
Brand Messaging
Brand Slogan
Brand Strategy
Custom Website
Launch Video
Outdoor Signs
Launch Strategy
Logo & Identity System

The Situation
When we met Pastor Danny Green and his team, they were Covenant Family Church. The name carried a lot of credibility in the region, but he wanted to make sure that it was the message of the brand, and the name was the right one to launch the next season of ministry and take advantage of their brand new arena they were completing that fall.

The Solution
Through the Brilliant Brands System, we realized the existing name would not be the right fit to move them forward. So, we identified the brand promises and shaped a new name and voice to encompass the heart of the organization. These also positioned the brand to engage their community and congregation more effectively. Within two months, we brought it all together and helped them successfully roll out a new name and brand identity. It was exhilarating to say the least. See some of the end-product for yourself.


The new name & logo

We created a word, Skybreak, for the new name that captured the tone of the new brand slogan, “capture extraordinary.” The Skybreak sun icon represents a break in the clouds and the extension of hope they bring to their region.


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Launch Video

There was no pre-launch teaser campaign. Instead, we used this brand story video on a weekend. The video communicated the brand promises and the need for a new name to express the brand’s mission better. How did it go? The standing ovation said it all.

Responsive Website

When we launched the new brand, it was important to update more than just the logo, language, and name; it was time to outfit them with a fully responsive website. We custom-designed the site with their audience and ease of management in mind.

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Keeping the brand strong

A year after we launched the brand, Pastor Danny invited us back to help produce some TV commercials. We decided to ditch the traditional method and tell short stories that captured the slogan, instead.

Working with Justin Keller and Circlefifty has been a pleasure. He is smart and knows how to pull out the best in you and your team. Justin helped us to clarify the voice of our organization and better articulate our brand promises. Our experience was well worth the investment.

Danny Green
Founding Pastor | Skybreak Church